A user-friendly mummy bag with dotted embroidery

New to this season’s collection is this mummy bag with polyester insulation. The two-season model is ideal for casual mountain hiking in the summertime and camping in the plains. Reasonably priced and functional, the sleeping bag is recommended for beginners and families.

¥18,700 in tax

A casual envelope model made with quick-drying, synthetic insulation

The envelope style is extremely versatile. It is ideal for camping in the warmer months but can also be used as a quilt by opening the L-shaped zipper, or with a sleeping bag inside during the colder seasons. The bag is made using a smooth and durable nylon taffeta with polyester fill. * Two bags can be joined together

¥18,700 in tax

A single envelope model with extra room for comfort

¥56,100 in tax

A super lightweight model designed for expeditions and camping in the summer seasons

¥17,600 in tax

A model designed for summer expeditions and summer to autumn camping trips

Authentic model suitable for everything from extreme winter to overseas mountaineering

¥19,800 in tax

A half-length sleeping bag to use with a jacket

¥35,200 in tax

A model designed for portability and comfort

¥38,500 in tax

A three-season expedition model providing both lightness and warmth

¥46,200 in tax

A lightweight and compact model designed for use in mountain lodges

This lightweight sleeping bag is suitable for use in mountain lodges and guesthouses. The compact size makes the sack highly portable, requiring less room for storage in the backpack.

¥17,600 in tax

A quilt inspired by ultra-light hiking

The hood is eliminated to reduce weight. A large portion of the underside, where the down tends to flatten due to body weight, has been completely omitted to achieve a more lightweight and packable design perfect for ultra-light hiking excursions. The unique structure allows the quilt to fit comfortably around the body.

¥38,500 in tax

An eco-sleeping bag, friendly for the natural environment

We’ve given new life to down that has been collected and re-cleaned. The recycled materials we use include scraps resulting from the spinning process as well as materials that were no longer needed. This is an ecological sleeping bag that encourages the use of earth-friendly materials to protect the natural environment.

¥38,500 in tax

A model that’s lightweight and warm

The hood is eliminated to reduce weight, and the model is perfect for ultra-light hiking. The drawcord around the neck area can be tightened to prevent warm air from escaping, and the L-shaped zipper runs all the way down to the feet so you can sleep with your feet out or open the sack to use as a quilt.

¥38,500 in tax