Company name



June 1990


Tomoyuki Yokota

Head office

182-1 Motoichiba, Maibara-shi, Shiga, Japan 521-0223


30 million JPY

Number of employees

100 (as of April 1, 2020)

Business description

Planning, development, production, and sales of apparel and outdoor products


■ Before corporate establishment
<1941 Yokota Sewing (横田縫製) is founded>
Shiga Prefecture, where the headquarters was located, prospered from the manufacture of futon mattresses using cotton produced in Omi.
The Tawada district (former Omi Town) produced 30-40% of the domestic futon.
The first president, Komazo Yokota, founded Yokota Sewing in the form of contracting work from the area.

<1950 Begins sewing subcontracts for mass production>
The company begins to subcontract mass sewing from a major Japanese futon manufacturer.

<1970 Establishes the production infrastructure>
The company introduces machinery to manufacture futon coverings for kotatsu (heated tables) and begins to subcontract the production.

<1988 Begins the sewing of sleeping bags>
The company begins the sewing of sleeping bags after a request was made from a major Japanese outdoor brand. This becomes the starting point of NANGA.

■ Corporate establishment
<1990 Cosmos Ltd. is established>
The second president, Akira Yokota, makes the decision to shift the production ratio of down duvets and sleeping bags.
Akira Yokota establishes Cosmos Ltd. with a business partner.

<1993 Change of corporate organization>
The business partner parted company to establish a new company.
On September 28, the organization is changed to Yokota Cosmos Co., Ltd.

<1994 Begins business with Kawada Feather>
The second president visits the factory of Kawada Feather Co., Ltd.
Business with Kawada Feather begins on February 1.

■ Company renamed to NANGA
<1995 Company changes name to NANGA INC.>
On November 1, the company is renamed NANGA INC.
The name is inspired by Nanga Parbat of the Himalayas. Nicknamed the "Killer Mountain", it is the ninth highest
mountain in the world and one of the most challenging to conquer.

<1996 Begins production of private label sleeping bags>
The company begins the production of private brand sleeping bags after a Japanese outdoor retailer requested production on an OEM basis.
Reviews of good quality spread through word of mouth, and the company was constantly requested to manufacture sleeping bags under private labels.

<2001 Tomoyuki Yokota joins the company>
The third and current president, Tomoyuki Yokota, joins NANGA INC.
Sales operations begin in Tokyo.
That year, sales reach JPY 100 million.

<2002 Begins prototyping of down jackets>
The company begins to manufacture NANGA's first down jacket.

<2003 Launches the Aurora Down Jacket>
The company completes the first production of the Aurora Down Jacket and is launched for sale.

<2005 Company office building (currently referred to as the former office building) is constructed>
The company office building was constructed on February 14. (4-12, Motoichiba, Maibara City)

<2007 Keizo Yokota joins the company>
Keizo Yokota, the younger brother of Tomoyuki, joins NANGA.

■ Appointment of a new president
<2009 Third president is appointed>
Sales reach JPY 300 million.
Tomoyuki Yokota is appointed President.
Keizo Yokota is appointed Senior Managing Director.
The senior managing director is entrusted with the sleeping bag business passed on from the former president, and the president devotes himself to the apparel business.

<2012 New company office building is constructed>
The new company office building was completed on May 22. The company is relocated from 4-12, Motoichiba, Maibara City.

<2015 Opens business in Tokyo>
On June 12, NANGA SHOP TOKYO is established in Himonya, Meguro Ward. It is the company's first directly-managed store.

<2016 Opens second directly-managed retail store>
The company holds its first trade show at NANGA SHOP TOKYO.
On September 23, nap produced by NANGA is established in Kichijoji. It is the second store directly managed by the company.

<2017 Sales reach JPY 1 billion>
Sales for FY 2017 exceed JPY 1 billion. Full-scale preparations to enter into the Asian and US markets begins. On July 1, NANGA exhibits for the first time at Outdoor Retailer (OR), the largest outdoor sports tradeshow in North America.

<2018 Enters into overseas markets>
NANGA takes the responses and feedback received at OR and reflects them to product manufacturing.
The company enters into not only the US market, but also the markets in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries.

<2019 Establishes in-house logistics center>
Shipments of down jackets to domestic retailers increase.
In January, NANGA Nagaoka Logistics Center (NNLC) is completed in Omi Nagaoka, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture.
On May 1, T-shirts and other summer items of the Spring and Summer 2019 collection are launched for sale.
On June 1, the Tokyo Harajuku Office is established as the sales office to cater to the Eastern Japan regions.
On September 13, a franchise store, NANGA SHOP OSAKA opens. It is the third retail store for NANGA.
The company begins the exclusive use of Spanish down supplied by Kawada Feather Co., Ltd.

Greetings from the President
Tomoyuki Yokota

Tomoyuki Yokota

Always seeking a higher level of quality

It has been 25 years since we first manufactured products of our original design. This is the result of the longstanding and continued support we have received from our business clients and customers, associate companies, and first and foremost, the devoted users of NANGA. I would like to express my most heartfelt gratitude to all.
Since the moment I resolved to advance toward the global market, I have been asking myself what our core values should be at this point in time.
Is it the brand, the quality, the local community, or the environment that needs to be protected?
Starting from my grandfather's generation and continuing up to my father's generation, the company has always been committed to manufacturing products in Japan.
In developed countries, products manufactured in those countries are highly valued without question. At the same time, the developing countries are also pushing to promote their domestic products with great pride.
For outdoor products, the major factor is not where they are made, but rather, where they are most suitable for use.
NANGA will continue the challenge to create optimal products as a full-range outdoor brand with the hope that our values will be appreciated.
Please look forward to our future endeavors.