Company Profile of NANGA

NANGA Co.,Ltd.

Date of establishment:


Company establishment:

Limited Company Cosmos on Feb. 1990


Tomoyuki YOKOTA


Sep. 1993Yokota Cosmon Co.,Ltd. established by organizational changes
Sep. 1995Company name changed to NANGA Co.,Ltd.
Jan. 2001Mr. Tomoyuki yokota became President
Jun. 2003NANGA head office was newly established

Head office:

182-1 Motoichiba Maibara-shi, Shiga






20,000,000 yen

Main vendors:

12 companies

Subcontract factories:

15 companies

NANGA, a trusted MADE IN JAPAN brand, not making any compromises

"NANGA" is a "Japanese brand".
The origin of the company name is the 8,000 meter high mountain "Nanga Parbat" in the Himalayas. It is a manufacturer of domestic "feather products", established 74 years ago at the foot of Mount Ibuki, in Maibara City of Shiga Prefecture. We domestically produce mainly climbing apparel such as sleeping bags, jackets, trousers, etc.

Our greatest strengths are the feathers and sewing.
We are particular about the safety and quality of the feathers, and NANGA products are brought to completion by skilled sewing craftsmen.
Because they are both parts that cannot be seen, we want to be particular. Instead of pursuing cheapness, we "create something that deserves the customers' appraisal". Our policy is that the employees are involved in "craftsmanship" and think about the customers' background. Even if it takes time and labor, we check the feathers by touching them, and sew with the technology that we judge to be the best.
By using safe and high quality down feathers, the products created with our unique sewing technology are "warm and light".

Responding to the needs of a wide range of users
The NANGA brand loyalists range widely from mountaineers active in the front lines to general climbers and hikers. How to get each user to use them comfortably... We would like to continue to provide products of quality that each user can be satisfied with, by listening to the voices of the customers.

Development of unique services
"Lifetime guarantee": This is a unique service that started from customer opinions. When it is torn, punctured, has deteriorated fabric, or has a broken zipper. In order for customers to use our products for a long time, we will respond promptly by making full use of the advantages of having our own domestic factory.

By all means, please confirm our commitment to quality and technology on our website.
And please try holding our products once and "feel" them.
I believe that you will be able to experience the excellence of the products born from NANGA's commitment.
We would feel happy if our products are brought to those who are in need of our product, and makes them think "This manufacturer is good!"