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NANGA × YKK's Anti-Snagging Zipper Construction

Our sleeping bags are equipped with specialized YKK parts on zipper sliders to minimize snagging and catching of the fabric
NANGA x YKK parts

When using a sleeping bag, there is a risk of the zipper catching on the super-thin fabric and preventing the opening and closure of the bag. If severely snagged, the zipper may even cause damage to the fabric. To mitigate such problems, we have attached special YKK parts to the zipper sliders. These parts are developed to diminish the gaps in the zipper slider that causes the snagging, resulting in fewer occurrences of the fabric getting caught as well as reduced damage to the fabric in case of such events. Furthermore, the parts are made from lightweight resin (weighing 1.6 g per piece) with phosphorescent features for easier operation in the dark.

specialized YKK parts 1

The concave structure at the top of this specialized slider component pulls in the fabric towards the center to prevent the zipper from snagging.

specialized YKK parts 2

The phosphorescent material glows in the dark to make the zippers easier to handle.



This sleeping bag features a new level of technology

Constructed with trapezoidal box baffles and three-dimensional structures to maximize the full potential of down, our sleeping bags feature a new level of technology that allows stress-free and efficient heat retention regardless of your sleep position. We have also reduced the weight of the bags by tapering the bag toward the foot area.

01. Trapezoid box baffles
Trapezoid box baffle structure

A distinguishing feature of this structure is that it prevents the down from clumping and allows for a reduction in weight. Each of the boxed baffles supports each other and enables the down to loft to its full potential while also preventing the down from clumping and causing the loss of heat. In this way, the trapezoidal box structure contributes to efficient heat retention.

02. Footbox
Foot box

The footbox is filled with a higher ratio of down to protect the feet, which tend to be more sensitive to the cold. The structure is designed to retain the heat around the feet in their natural positions.

03. Shoulder warmer and draft tube
Shoulder warmer & draft tube

The dual features of the shoulder warmer and draft tube prevents the cold draft from entering into the bag. Please note that these features are only available in the models constructed with trapezoid box baffles.

04. Hood
Three-dimensional hood

Keeping the head area warm becomes increasingly important as the weather becomes colder. The 3D construction of the hood encloses the head area in a stress-free manner and functionally retains heat. The zipper is positioned near the face for easy handling, and we have improved its operability.