NANGA 2020


Initiatives for the natural environment

NANGA celebrates its 25th anniversary and is taking a new step forward to begin our efforts for the natural environment.

Nature enlightens us to discover fascination, joy, and sometimes severity. That is why we want our customers to familiarize themselves with engaging with nature as much as possible. Our future mission is to join hands with our customers to consider the ways in which to protect Mother Nature and create a more beautiful environment. At the same time, we will strive to propose actions that each of us can put into practice starting today.


NANGA celebrates its 25th anniversary and is taking a new step forward to begin our efforts for the natural environment.

As a result of over-pursuing an affluent lifestyle, we have consumed much of our resources. This in turn has caused numerous issues to the global environment. To leave our future generations with a healthier planet, we need to protect the current ecosystem and utilize the limited resources efficiently for extended periods.

NANGA will engage in efforts to preserve the global environment through our business activities. Our aim is to act with integrity, starting with our immediate surroundings.

Ecology (Natural environment)
Economy (Economic activity)

Ecology and economy are closely linked. By achieving a stabilized economy while also showing concern for the ecology, we can make our lives safe and prosperous.


Bringing back the natural beauty of Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa is a symbolic landmark of Shiga Prefecture. NANGA's headquarters are located near Lake Biwa, and it has essentially become a part of our lives. Water pollution and other environmental issues that are currently being reported have become a major concern for companies like us who operate in Shiga.
NANGA joins efforts with local companies to bring Lake Biwa back to its original, beautiful ecosystem by taking part in activities such as the removal of water weeds and the release of juvenile fish native to Japan.


Green Down Project

As a company that specializes in down, NANGA supports the ideologies of the Green Down Project, a general incorporated association. We understand down to be a limited resource and actively participate in the Green Down Project, an initiative to reuse old downs. We collect the retired products from our customers and put them through a washing process to give the down new life as recycled down products.

A project to collect down since 2020

Until recently, we had been collecting down feathers that had fallen to the floor during production at the NANGA factory or used deadstock down to give them new life as Green Down. This so-called pre-consumer recycled down is simply recovered material generated from the manufacturing process before the products were passed on to consumers, and we had yet to build a completely sustainable system. Down is a blessing from nature and a limited resource––it must be used with great care and efficiency. In order to do so, we need to actively use downs that have not only been recovered from the manufacturing process but also post-consumer recycled materials collected from used consumer products. These actions create a Green Down cycle, resulting in the establishment of a sustainable system.
From 2020, we will be collecting downs at NANGA's retail stores and through touring events across the country. We have created our very own collection box for down products. These boxes will be used to support our down collection efforts to recycle and renew the down into new products.

Green Down Project