Temperature Ratings



European Standard (EN)

For temperature ratings, NANGA utilizes the European Standard (EN), which is a uniform standardization system of the EU.

EN (European Norm) is the name of the uniform standard that has been established in the European Union. It is also called the European Standard. The European Standard, EN13537 specifies the requirements to determine the temperature ratings for sleeping bags. Until recently, manufacturers were providing temperature ratings by their own methods; however, the ratings are now determined based on unified criteria. The tests are conducted by authorized third parties for fairness, drawing a sharp distinction from temperature ratings provided by the manufacturers based on their individual standards.

used in European countries (European Norm)
EN 13537 Testing Method

A mannequin installed with temperature sensors is dressed in long sleeves and underwear down to the ankles, then laid inside a sleeping bag on top of a camping mattress. Temperature is measured at 5 locations inside the mannequin in addition to measuring heat radiation levels. The measured temperatures and the room temperature in the laboratory are plugged into an equation to produce a value. A sleeping bag's ability to retain warmth is affected not only by the amount of filling but also by the accessories, like zippers, as well as the type and thickness of the fabric. All of these factors are evaluated comprehensively in the test.

The European Standard EN Ratings

The temperature range in which a standard adult female can expect to sleep comfortably without feeling cold. (Comfort)
(This rating is based on a standard woman, as a standard woman is generally considered to have a lower tolerance to the cold than a standard man.)


The temperature range in which a standard adult male can expect to sleep for eight hours in a curled position (Lower Limit). Temperatures below this limit are considered to be in the risky range.


The minimum temperature at which a standard female can remain in the sleeping bag for six hours in fetal position hugging the knees. The body will shiver in an attempt to produce heat, and the basal metabolic rate will increase. Using a sleeping bag in this temperature range is extremely dangerous as there may be a risk of hypothermia.

* The temperatures are displayed for reference only. Sensitivity to temperatures may vary widely between individuals depending on experience, strength, and physique. Please remember to treat the ratings only as a guide.
* As a general guide, women may refer to the Comfort temperature, and men may refer to the Limit temperature.