Wear over a suit for ultimate warmth

Made with AURORA-TEX®, NANGA’s very own waterproof, breathable material. The clean-cut design is perfect for both casual and business. The waterproof feature assures comfort even in rain or snow. Detachable hood.

¥43,890 in tax

Lightweight, high-quality down jacket made with goose down

Designed with bigger armholes and three-dimensional tailoring to allow the arms a greater range of motion. The jacket can be packed into the inside pocket placed in the front left of the bodice. Developed to be lightweight and warm, intended for wear in a mountain lodge or base camp.

¥36,300 in tax

Takibi pants with enhanced functionality and durability

Made with flame-resistant Takibi fabric. We’ve updated the design by doubling the fabric on the knees for added durability while also ensuring the ease of movement when bending and straightening the legs. Features an adjustable webbing belt with buckle at the waist and adjustable Velcro straps on the hems. The hip pockets are lined with brushed fabric.

¥36,300 in tax

A down jacket made with flame-resistant material

The jacket utilizes Takibi fabric, a flame-resistant material made with a blend of aramid fibers. Equipped with six pockets and hand warmers on the front side and a zipper pocket on the back for conveniently storing small tools and accessories. Filled with super water-repellent down. Detachable hood.

¥66,000 in tax

A down cardigan with detachable sleeves

The sleeves of this down cardigan can be detached. The eco-friendly model is made with 10D recycled nylon and recycled down. The sides and sleeves are designed with narrowed baffle sections to achieve a cleaner look.

¥25,850 in tax

Our down wear flagship model

Made with AURORA-TEX®, NANGA’s very own waterproof, breathable material. The pockets are lined with brushed fabric, and the sleeve cuffs come built with adjustable nubuck Velcro straps to prevent cold air from entering. Reflective logo on the left chest for visibility and safety. Designed with matte, water-repellent zippers.

¥44,000〜 in tax