Green Dwon Project



NANGA's Green Down Project

The Green Down Project
Recycling down to give it new life

The Green Down Project advocates the reuse of down, which is a finite resource. The aim is to collect down products that are no longer being used, regardless of the manufacturer, and refines the downs to repurpose them as new products.
As a company that specializes in down, NANGA supports the ideologies of the Green Down Project. We understand down to be a limited resource and take an active approach in collecting the downs to give them life as new Green Down (recycled down) products.

Will Green Down change the world?
The implementation of the renewable down life cycle will bring forth a prosperous society.
  • Stable supply of down

    The system for renewing the life cycle of down generates a stable supply of safe downs.

  • Environmental conservation

    Recycling down can protect the environment.

  • Employment support for people with disabilities and contributions to the community

    The system for renewing the life cycle of down creates employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

How to distinguish recyclable products

The product label indicates the down ratio to be 50% or more. Products that are soiled or damaged with holes are also accepted for recycling.